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Surrendering a Dog:

Surrendering a dog can be a very difficult decision.  If you need to surrender a puppy or dog, please contact us.  Please note that we are only able to take dogs into our program if a foster home is available as we do not have a facility.

The first step in surrendering a dog is to complete the contact form.  In addition to the basic information requested on the form, please include all of the following information:

  • Age of the dog

  • Sex, including if altered

  • Breed

  • Last vet visit and if the dog is up to date on vaccines, worming, etc.

  • Any health concerns

  • Temperament

  • Any behavioral issues / concerns

Once we have received the aforementioned information, we will reach out to you to discuss an in person meeting to evaluate the dog.  If the dog passes our evaluation, then we will reach out to our foster homes to determine if one is available.  Please know that we may not be able to take the dog into our program immediately.  There are a few exceptions to this, which include pregnant dogs, moms with nursing babies, and puppies with injuries.  In these cases, we can usually intake within 24 hours given the availability of an appropriate foster home.

Please note that if we decide to take your dog into our program, you will be requested to sign a surrender form.  

If this is an emergency situation, please contact our EMERGENCY ONLY number at 413-728-0131.  Someone will return your call within 2-4 hours.  

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