More About Us:

We value quality not quantity.  Not only the quality of our work with the dogs we rescue, but also the quality of our efforts in matching dogs with potential adopters.   We feel it is very important that we not only know our dogs and their personalities before finding them a forever home, but also that we know what a potential adopter is looking for in a dog.  Therefore, we not only have a detailed adoption application and initial phone interview, but we also spend extended time with potential adopters at a home visit.


We pride ourselves on the support we provide adopters, not only during the initial adoption process, but also in the upcoming weeks, months and years.  We are a source of support and guidance throughout the dog's life.  


Our dogs are allowed to develop at their own pace.  We do not place a time limit on our dogs, rather we place them when they are ready for their "forever home".  All dogs are fostered with people and other dogs of various sizes.  We crate train all of our dogs.  By not having too many dogs in our program at any given time, we learn their personalities and therefore are better able to match them with prospective adopters.  Please note that all dogs in our program are in one of our local foster homes a minimum of two weeks, but generally most puppies stay at least 4 weeks.  Adults remain in local foster care for 4 weeks to sometimes several months or even years, depending on their need, before they are placed in an adoptive home.